Upset over stomach swelling after eating, so try these home remedies

The lifestyle of all of us makes our body sick even if we do not eat or drink. Yes, most of the stomach problems are due to our eating habits. This list includes flatulence of the stomach. Let you all know that flatulence depends on the person's diet. At the same time, the problem of flatulence occurs when the stomach feels tight. It is also called gas. Many times due to swelling, the stomach appears larger than the normal size. At the same time, due to this gas in the stomach, there is slight pain and due to the gas in the stomach, neither does one feel like eating anything nor drinking anything. In such a situation, if you also have this problem, then there are some home remedies which we are going to help you today. Let's know about them.

Cumin celery- If you are troubled by the problem of flatulence, then fry the cumin celery and put it in a glass, after cooking it for some time, filter it and then drink it.

Walk- If there is a problem of flatulence, you can go for a walk. If you do this after eating, you will get rid of this problem.

Use of fennel- If there is a problem of flatulence or gas, then fennel is very effective. Eating a little fennel after eating relieves the problem of gas flatulence. By the way, if you want, you can also use the fennel by making a decoction. For this, add a little fennel to a glass of water and boil it, after cooking for some time, filter it and drink it slowly.

Buttermilk in the diet- If it has become difficult to eat and drink due to the disease of flatulence, then include buttermilk in the diet. If you consume a glass of buttermilk after lunch, it will benefit you.

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