From aloe vera to coconut will make your eyelashes thicker

Eyelashes play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the face and making the eyes look beautiful. In such a situation, everyone wants to have thick and long eyelashes so that the attraction of the eyes increases. Now today we are going to tell you some tips by which you can make your eyelashes the best.

Olive and Castor Oil- For this, you mix one or two drops of castor oil in one or two drops of olive oil, and mix it well. Now after that apply this oil on your eyelashes with a mascara brush. Do this before sleeping at night, then wake up in the morning and wash your eyes thoroughly.

Petroleum Jelly- Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelids before sleeping at night. Take care not to apply too much, apply little by little, then wake up in the morning and wash your eyes.

Lemon peel- Take the peel of a lemon and cut it into small parts, after that put these peels in half a bowl of olive or castor oil and keep it covered for two to three days. Now after that, with the help of a mascara brush, apply it on the eyelashes every night before sleeping. Finally, wake up in the morning and wash the eyes with cold water.

Green tea- Boil green tea leaves well in water, after the water cools down, soak cotton in it. After that apply it on the eyelids with the help of cotton. Do this every day before sleeping at night. At the same time, cover the remaining mixture after that, because you can use this mixture after two to three days.

Aloe vera gel- Apply aloe vera gel on the eyelashes with a mascara stick every night before sleeping. After that leave it like this overnight, and wake up in the morning and wash the eyes well. Doing this helps you to make your eyelashes thick and beautiful.

Coconut milk-  Soak cotton in coconut milk, and apply it on the eyelids. Wash off after ten minutes.

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