If you also deal with motion sickness then follow these remedies

Nov 15 2019 09:36 AM
If you also deal with motion sickness then follow these remedies

People often experience nervousness, vomiting while traveling on a bus, car or plane. Actually it is caused by motion sickness. This problem is more when coming out of the house without eating food. But this does not mean that you should consume heavy food. Often some health tips can save you from travel sickness.

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- Avoid activities like reading or writing while traveling. In the case of reading or writing, the brain has to work in many places at one time which increases the chances of motion sickness. It is better that you listen to the songs.

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- If you start feeling dizzy while sitting in a car or start feeling nauseated, then at this time start eating toffee. It is better than if you get ginger toffee or ginger tea, then this problem can be easily relived.

- If you are having trouble breathing as soon as you sit in the car, then take light and deep breaths. In this case, open the window glass and sit facing outwards. You will feel better doing so brings relief in restlessness.

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- Pipermint is the easiest way to reduce motion sickness. Sprinkle a few drops of mint oil on the handkerchief and keep it sniffing, it provides relief in motion sickness. Drinking mint tea also provides relief.

- Sitting on the rear seat of any vehicle gives a greater sense of speed. Because of which people fall prey to motion sickness. To avoid this, it is better to sit on the front seat or the middle seats.