Five Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Aug 15 2019 06:08 PM
Five Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Not sleeping affects your health. The problem of sleeplessness has risen very fast. There are many reasons why sleeplessness can be there. If you're not getting sleep for any reason, you need to know what its causes are and how to get rid of it. So let's know some domestic ways that you can overcome this problem of sleep.

Preparation for sleep
Wash your feet and hands thoroughly before sleeping at night. Then wipe the feet and rub well with mustard oil on the sole. This leads to good blood circulation in the body. You feel relaxed and you get a good sleep.

What to Eat Before Bedtime
Eat a handful of cherries before bedtime. Cherries increase the production of melatonin hormone in your body. It relaxes the mind by controlling your body system well and helps in good sleep. You can also drink juice instead of eating it before going to bed.

Eat Bananas in the Day
Banana contains vitamin 6, which helps in better functioning of sleep hormones in the body. Potassium and magnesium present in it also help you relax and relax and sleep well. Keep in mind that if you have a cold, don't eat it.

Milk intake is beneficial
Tryptophan amino acids present in milk increase the production of melatonin hormone in your body. In the presence of melatonin, your mind is relaxed and you get a rest and good sleep. Drink a glass of lukewarm milk before bedtime.

Relief from Almonds
Eating 10-11 almonds before bedtime also gives good sleep. The magnesian present in it works in better sleep. Also, do not consume tea, coffee or alcohol before going to bed. These hinder your sleep.

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