Are you fed up with Thin hair? treat these home remedies to get rid of it

Jul 17 2019 01:36 PM
Are you fed up with Thin hair? treat these home remedies to get rid of it

Who doesn't like strong and dense hair. Girls want their hair to become dark and dense, but it also affects the hair due to lifestyle changes. At present pollution and nutritional deficiency have made hair weaker. If the hair is not taken care of at the right time, the hair becomes weak and lifeless. For this, you need to adopt some tips to know about it. These tips are for your thin hair.

The protein present in the egg strengthens the hair and makes it taller and denser. Take an egg and whip it up on the whole hair. Wash with lukewarm water and then shampoo when dried.

 soak 3-4 amla for overnight and boil amla with the same water the next day until it becomes soft. Strain the amla thoroughly in water and wash and massage your hair.

Fenugreek allows you to make your thin hair thicker in a short time. Take some fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight and grind in the morning to make a paste. Apply it well on your hair. Wash with warm water when dried.

Sulfur present in onions helps to increase hair and also makes them dense. Take a piece of onion and rub it well on your head. You can also remove the juice and use it if you want. Use it every other day of the week.

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