These home remedies will make whiteness of hair disappear in a month

Whitening of hair has become common in today's time. Earlier it was considered a sign of ageing but now it is common. Nowadays, white hair is seen at a young age. However, today we are going to tell you some remedies that can come in handy for you. This will make your hair black.

Coconut oil: Every day you have to massage your hair with coconut oil for a while before going to bed. After that, get up in the morning and wash your hair. By using it, gradually you will get a solution to the problem of white hair.

Ginger: Every day one has to eat a teaspoon of ginger tightly in one teaspoon of honey. Use it every day. 

Amla: You must have heard about the benefits of gooseberry. To use it, you have to take half a litre of water and add two teaspoons of gooseberry powder and one to two teaspoons of lemon juice to it. Blend them all well and use them as natural shampoos.

Mango: To use it will require one to two raw mangoes, some mango leaves hair oil. Everyone has to mix together and mash this paste in your hair oil and mix it slowly. After that, apply this paste before taking a bath and then wash the head.

Make a hair pack from onions: If you want, you can remove onion juice and spray it on your hair. This will also help your hair to grow and it will also become black.  

If hair smell then adopt these home remedies

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