These household items can also cause facial damage, know about them!

Aug 23 2019 09:54 AM
These household items can also cause facial damage, know about them!

You may have heard of many household items that relieve your facial discomfort in those ways. You'll be using good products to maintain the beauty of your face. On the other hand, you can also solve problems in domestic ways. It's also important that you know about things that can damage your skin and reduce your beauty. Today, we're going to talk about them that can harm your face.

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* Body lotion
Using body lotion, you can maintain the beauty and softness of your hands and feet, but don't apply it on your face. They are very oily and can cause pimple trouble.

* Vinegar
Never make the mistake of using it directly on your face. Vinegar is of a slightly acidic nature. So always mix it with water. Also, avoid using old Vinegar. Over time, the water content in it decreases and the acidic nature becomes stronger. This can cause you trouble with rashes.

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* Expire Product
If you spend money on a product, throwing it away. But the use of an expired cream, sunscreen or any such thing on the face can be quite harmful. This can cause allergic reactions and rashes.

* Lemon
Like Vinegar, do not use lemon directly on your face. Bleaching property present in it can make the face rough. Always mix it with water and use it. Also, never make the mistake of going out in the sun after using it. This may cause you to have a rash problem.

* Hot water
Never use hot water to wash your face. Hot water damages your skin cells and eliminates facial natural moisturizer and makes it dull. Sometimes it can also cause white marks on the face. Always use normal or lukewarm water.

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