From raisins to cumin-celery seeds are helpful in getting rid of constipation

In today's time, due to an unhealthy lifestyle, many people have a resentful stomach. Constipation remains in the stomach and due to this is unable to eat anything. Due to constipation, the stomach does not get cleaned and due to the lack of a clean stomach, there remains sluggishness throughout the day. With this, I do not feel like doing any work. You all must be aware that due to the problem of constipation, you have to put more effort to pass stool, you have to sit for hours. Not only this, but a person has to eat and drink very carefully. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you home remedies for constipation.

Consumption of raisins- You should soak about 8-10 grams of raisins in water at night and take out its seeds in the morning and boil them in milk, and drink the milk. By doing this, constipation will be relieved. 

Castor oil- Add 1-2 spoons of castor oil in a glass of warm milk and drink it at night while sleeping. This home remedy is the best to get rid of constipation.

Bael- The fruit of Bael is very beneficial for the problem of constipation. For its use, take half a cup of bael pulp, and a spoonful of jaggery, before meals in the evening. Let us tell you that the syrup of bael is also beneficial in constipation.

Cumin and carom seeds- Roast cumin and carom seeds on low flame and grind them. Now add black salt to it and mix all three in equal quantity and keep it in a box. Now drink half a teaspoon daily with lukewarm water. will benefit.

Liquorice- Mix one spoon of liquorice powder and one spoon of jaggery in a glass of water and consume it. Yes, it is effective in curing the problem of constipation.

Fennel- Drink a spoonful of roasted fennel with hot water before sleeping at night. Let us tell you that the volatile oil found in fennel improves digestion, and increases the production of gastric enzymes.

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