Home Remedies to Turn White Hair Black without Chemical Dyes

Sep 02 2019 09:48 PM
Home Remedies to Turn White Hair Black without Chemical Dyes

Some people have a premature grey beard and mustache hair. These white hair will also bother you. If the beard and mustache turn white, then you must have done something to hide them. But we are going to tell some domestic ways that you can also adapt to hide these white hairs.

* Amla Juice: If people who have problem of shaving beard, then they can also take Amla juice to get rid of this problem. This problem is completely eradicated by taking amla juice daily.

* Alum and rose water: By applying a paste made of alum and rose water on your mustache hair, you can get the desired color and stay young for a long time. For this, grind the alum and mix its powder with rose water and apply it on the mustache.

* Curry leaves: You can use curry leaves for white hair of beard and mustache. For this, take 100 ml of water and keep it to boil. After this, add a few Curry leaves in this water and boil this water well till the water of the pot becomes half. After this, cool the water pot and drink it. By boiling curry leaves like this every day, drinking water will soon benefit you.

Mint Tea: Mint tea has the natural properties of naturalizing your hair. And apart from this, it is also very useful in health, by consuming mint tea, your beard mustache hair comes back to its true natural form.

* Turmeric magic: Turmeric is a very good solution to almost every problem of the skin. Due to the antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties present in it, it is also considered to be a very effective element to prevent hair growth. With this effective remedy, you can easily remove the white hair of the mustache. You can also use it on thin, thick or any other type of hair.

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