This Home Made cold cream will relieve rough and lifeless skin in winter

Winter is the season that is full of very difficulties for the skin. In fact, this is the season in which the natural moisture of the skin is lost and the skin becomes rough and lifeless. This eliminates the attractiveness of the face and makes the face look ugly. In such a situation, if you want to regain your beauty, it is necessary to moisturize the skin. Now today we are going to tell you about some homemade creams that will benefit you greatly.

Make Winter Cold Cream from Aloe Vera-

Ingredients- Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil and Wax.
How to make- First mix wax and almond oil in a bowl on a low flame and turn off the heat when the wax melts well. Now let the mixture cool down and mix vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, T-tree oil in the mixture generously. You are also resorting to mixies to meet. Now mix the mixture well. However, it should be noted that the mixture should not be used immediately on the skin after it is formed. Now keep it in the refrigerator and then use it on the skin after a few weeks.

Benefits of Homemade Winter Cream-
- Tell you that homemade cold creams do not contain any chemical elements. Due to this, its use does not cause any damage to the skin.

- Homemade cold cream is best in maintaining natural moisture in the skin.

- Homemade cold cream protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

- Homemade cold cream can protect the skin from getting rough.

- Using homemade cream can also relieve the problem of rash, acne, etc. on the skin.

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