Homemade Lip Balm

Lip balm you do for your lips. But what would we believe if we tell you that lip balm can be used to fix a lot more things? Maybe not and that's what we're going to tell you today about how you can use your lip balm in another way. Let's learn about the unique uses of lip balm.

* You may have noticed that the skin around your nails often begins to peel, so apply lip balm on them. This will keep the nails hydrated and also maintain moisture in the skin. You will see that your nails will be perfectly cured in 2 days.

* Frequent nasal cleansing causes dry skin when there is a cold. In this case, you can avoid rough skin problems by applying lip balm.
* On cracked heels you can get soft heels within a few days from lip balm instead of cream.

* If you can't find time to make eyebrows, take a little lip balm on your finger and apply it on your eyebrows. This will make the eyebrows look right.

* Even if you want to highlight your cheeks, you can shine your cheeks by applying lip balm on the cheek bones.

* Wearing new shoes or sandals sometimes causes blisters on the feet. Apply lip balm on your toes and heels before wearing shoes or sandals to avoid blisters. This won't spoil your legs.

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