Make Rose water at home with this easy way

Rose water is beneficial for your skin. For many years, rose water has been used to improve skin. Rose water contains many ingredients that help to keep the skin healthy. If you do not want to use the rose water of the market, then it can be easily made at home too. It is very easy to make. Let us know how to make Rose Water at home.

Rose water
Rose leaves
Clean water

How to make rose water

1- First of all, wash the leaves of rose with lukewarm water to remove dust, dirt and dirt from it.

2-Now put the clean leaves in a big jar.

3- Pour clean water into the jar. The water should be so that the rose leaves are covered with water. Do not increase the amount of water because it will dilute the rose water.

4- Now keep the jar on medium flame, make sure you do not boil water. Keep it on low flame for 25-30 minutes.

After 5- 25-30 minutes, the color of the leaves will start coming in the water and the leaves will float on the surface.

6- Now sieve the water and discard the leaves. Your rose water is ready.

Benefits of rose water

To improve skin tone:
Rose water is beneficial for all skin types. By using it daily, the skin produces hydrated, natural oil balanced, improves blood circulation, which keeps the skin healthy. The antioxidant present in rose water helps in protecting the skin.

To keep the eyes healthy:
Rose water has cooling and drying properties due to which rose water can be used as an eye drop. For the problem related to eyes, rose water can also be used.

For hair: Massaging the scalp with rose water improves blood circulation which is beneficial for hair. It is also a good condition.

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