Heal Your Acne Scars With Honey Face Pack

Aug 03 2019 10:47 AM
Heal Your Acne Scars With Honey Face Pack

Pollution or sun lights lead to dark spots on the face. That makes your face look worse. You need to buy several beauty products to help you overcome these problems. But, honey can also help you. Face packs made with honey can be used to remove stain spots on your face. Know the advantages of honey.

The honey face pack is mixed with lemon juice, milk, and almonds. It is a perfect treatment for black spots on the skin and its roughness.

Lemon juice expels dead skin cells and also removes dirt from the skin. Almonds contain vitamin E which lightens the skin tone and, while milk contains son hydroxy acid, which relieves dead skin cells.

The antibacterial elements in honey also fight bacterial infections of the skin. It contains enzymes that make your skin soft and gloating.

How to make and apply honey face pack

Mix lemon juice, milk powder, and honey, two teaspoons of all three.

Now add a teaspoon paste of soaked almonds.

Apply this face pack on your face and let it dry naturally.

After 12-15 minutes, wash the face pack with warm water.

Use this face pack regularly to remove stains from your face. You will notice that your face has bloomed in a few days. It has improved its color and improved skin texture.

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