This vegetable is getting 1 kg for lakhs of rupees

Vegetables must have been made in the house of all of you and nowadays the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. But no vegetable will be as much as worth this vegetable. In fact, you must have given one lakh rupees to buy a kilo of the vegetable we are talking about. You may be shocked to hear it, but it's true. In fact, this vegetable has been cultivated by a young man from Bihar. According to the information received, the name of this vegetable is Hop-Shoots. After hearing its price, it is obvious that no common man would buy it.

And even rich people will think many times while buying it. This vegetable flower is called hop cones, which is used especially as a flavouring agent in beer. While the rest of the twigs are used as vegetables in the food. It is also used in herbal medicine and now it has slowly started being eaten as a vegetable and the name of the young man cultivating this precious vegetable in Bihar is Amresh Singh.

Some of its pictures are fast going viral at the moment and the vegetable looks quite unique in appearance. Everyone is surprised to know that "one kilogram of this vegetable costs around Rs 1 lakh and the world's most expensive vegetable, 'Hope-Shoot', is being cultivated by Amresh Singh, who is India's first farmer. He says its cultivation can be a game changer for Indian farmers.''

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