Horoscope: 26 January

Jan 26 2019 09:38 AM
Horoscope: 26 January

A new day with new hopes is here. If you want to know what the day has in plan for you, check out the free astrology prediction for all zodiac signs right here.


You may feel lost and thoroughly depressed today. Despite the adverse circumstances, you will make a good deal of material headway. This will make you turn towards spirituality. You will devote more time to meditation and will pray a lot.



It is about time that you stopped running from your problems and stand up and face them,. Your loved ones will stretch out in your material generosity today. You will be magnanimous with the wallet to impress members of the opposite sex. Don't forget that time is also money.


In business, your inquisitive approach will do you a lot of good. The idea of being with your family will keep you motivated throughout the day. In fact, you will have the proverbial Midas touch — whichever venture you put your hands on will turn into a glittering success.


Today, it will be all about finding your comfort zone, and spending the day there. The opposite sex may find you irresistible.
You are likely to spend most of the day with your close friends. Your smooth demeanour will help you breeze through all business deals.


You will pay serious attention to your work. You will feel that you have no option but to work hard. You will not be in the mood for socialising. This is only a temporary phase, hence there is no need to worry. You will be back to your usual gregarious self in no time at all.


A day to look inside and contemplate. Find peace and prosperity. Clam up like those oysters and discover the peal within you. A fine helping hand you shall lend today to those who need it.


Well, today is just not your day. Remember, ‘not good' does not necessarily mean bad. In any case, if it's a stressful day you have had, be sure to have an equally enjoyable evening. you may want to discuss certain intimate issues with your sweetheart today! The prospects sure aren't looking too good. However, there's no point in getting anxious over this triviality.


The day just went from bad to worse today. Troubles are coming in faster and thicker than a locust swarm. But keep a leash on yourself and steer clear of it all. Take criticism in your stride today and pay attention to what is being said, not who is saying them.


Hedge your bets carefully. Solving problems will come naturally to you. But, beware, as you may face the music from certain disgruntled individuals. Worry not, and keep the spring in your step.


Your performance will be at its all-time high, and your efforts will be duly rewarded, but credit for this must go to your loved ones who will lend their unceasing support for all your endeavours. Whether you're an artist, performer, professional or an entrepreneur, career issues will take the foreground today, while personal matters will wait in queue for your attention.


You will spend the day introspecting, but the mental peace will still seem distant. Due to your devotion to the Almighty and spiritualism, you will be able to deal with problems pretty well. Some unavoidable circumstances will force you to handle the situations with diligence.


Meetings with your superiors ought to yield some much anticipated results. A highly productive day awaits you. You will be driven to succeed, and filled with energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goals. 

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