Horoscope Today, April 23, 2019: Read your horoscope today

Apr 23 2019 09:23 AM
Horoscope Today, April 23, 2019: Read your horoscope today

Every day comes with its own set of opportunities and obstacles. For people who worry about what the future may have in store for them, the science of astrology comes to their rescue. While it's not easy to know entirely what's coming your way, here's the astrology prediction to help you through this Tuesday. 

Aries: If you’re handling money on behalf of others, you’ll be making good progress. However, in all spheres of life, events may work out very differently from what you intended. Patience is to be cultivated in all things. Even more than that, you need to pay exact attention to every single detail.

Taurus: Value people, their time and sincerity today. Lately, you have been moving in your arrogant bubble and your family is not too pleased with that. If temper and patience are your problems, probably a yoga session will ease your mind. Stay fresh to criticism and take in only what you need.

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Gemini: There’s a great deal of activity behind the scenes and you may be keeping your feelings very much to yourself. However, you’ll be more than happy to talk about superficial developments and casual arrangements. And more than eager to benefit from partners’ generosity!

Cancer: Admire your capabilities for they will hit the limelight soon. Few trouble makers make point fingers, but smirk at them and move on. Work as you do now, Read a lot and explore more opportunities. You are at a phase where hard work is necessary to be successful and also beat the competition.

Leo: Don’t feel bad about admitting that it is not working. It doesn’t mean that you have failed. If you feel stressed out today, you must try talking to a friend or a loved one. You are forever chasing rainbows and this has made you lose track of all the blessings in your life. Today you need to focus on productive tasks, but steer clear of the miscommunications or misunderstandings today. The idea is to clarify your doubts or apprehensions as and when they arise.

Virgo: Friends and partners may hold the center stage, and interesting events may affect you in a pleasant if indirect, manner. Delays early on will be compensated for by dramatic happenings over the next few days. You’re still facing delays, but with every day that passes, easier times come closer.

Libra: Financial affairs are strangely unpredictable today, although Venus is still on your side as far as joint arrangements are concerned. Nobody will get the better of you when it comes to striking a deal. But then you’ve still got a couple of trump cards ready.

Scorpio: If you had a penny for every time you criticized or blamed others, you’d be a millionaire today. Come dawn, you find yourself with a lot of energy. There is also an upsurge in creativity today. Having started a lot of things, you feel a bit clueless as to where to focus on. You feel as if it has become a habit for you to leave things unfinished.

Sagittarius: Your crush would appreciate your forthright nature. Rekindle your passion and attitude towards life. You can’t afford to make careless mistakes anymore. You need to keep your stress levels down as it is slowly eating into your peace and joy. Relieve yourself from the stress of keeping everything pent-up. Stress has been taking a toll on your health as well. So, focus a bit more sleep

Capricorn: Personal and professional pressures dovetail in a way which is difficult to pin down. If your work is connected to family or domestic affairs, not necessarily your own, expect interesting developments. All of you will be affected by emotional ups and downs which may cause you to question your accepted routine.

Aquarius: There’ll be movement on family issues quite soon. This week marks a turning point which will help you get your priorities into a better perspective. In addition, your responsibilities are accumulating, perhaps cutting down on your free time, but opening the way to fresh opportunities.

Pisces: You don’t want to be putty in anyone’s hand and you want to only pursue your plans instead of working for the greater good. This is downright selfish and you need to stop that. Take the high road and choose to forgive others knowing full well how much they hurt you. Your problem-solving ability will be put to good use today. This time, it is not for solving the problems of others but your own.

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