Horrific incident! Constant disputes in marriage life lead to killing own…..

Mar 17 2019 01:43 PM
Horrific incident! Constant disputes in marriage life lead to killing own…..

Bengaluru: On Friday night, a incident took place as mental health took life of the better of another person as a depressed woman allegedly poisoned her children and killed herself too. The woman allegedly poisoned her two specially-abled children before committing suicide herself. The incident took place in Electronics City police station mills. Here it is to be noted that the woman was a 50-year-old who hailed from Tamil Nadu. The deceased had come to Bengaluru a few years ago with her husband and two sons. 

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According to the source report, there were problems in the married life of the deceased and her husband. The two had allegedly developed differences because of the specially-abled children. Following continuous fights, the deceased shifted to a separate house. The deceased was also facing problems because of not having a steady income. 

Here it is to be noted that the deceased took the drastic step of poisoning her children on Friday night. Allegedly, she added poison in the dinner she had prepared and fed her children. After this, she ate the dinner herself. The incident surfaced when the neighbour of the deceased went to check on her. When he peeped through the window, the neighbour saw the three lying on the floor. 

However, a similar incident was reported earlier this week when a man hung himself to death and poisoned his children. The incident took place at a village in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The deceased was a trader and fed his kids poisoned rasmalai. The deceased was allegedly in debt and resorted to committing suicide in an attempt to escape from the same. 

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