Rain creates havoc, horrific scene from many States

New Delhi: The weather change scene is now visible every season. Due to excessive heat, cold and rain, the problems of the people are increasing day by day. Delhi roads submerged in several feet of water, trains crawling on submerged tracks in Mumbai's flood, metro stations in water-soaked London and New York or people in polluted metropolitan cities like Beijing and Delhi. Uncertain weather and natural calamities are being seen in every country.

That is the crisis of the devastation caused by climate change. The biggest impact of which is visible in the most developed areas of the country, the metropolitan cities, where the governments of that country spend the most of their infrastructure budget. But the devastation occurs every year and all preparations seem to be failing to prevent this devastation. While cities larger than natural calamities are light, melting glaciers due to climate change have added to the devastation in coastal areas. Climate experts have been warned that due to rising levels, many areas of the cities along the sea will continue to sink in the near future.

The same weather will witness a sudden change or unseasonable rainfall and floods. Recently, in 24 hours of rain, the entire city of Chiplun in Maharashtra was submerged. Such a situation will be seen continuously in all the countries of the world. Rain continues to wreak havoc in many states, including Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh. Weathermen have warned of more heavy rain created havoc.

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