New York: Hospitals fill with corona patients, death rate may increase

Mar 31 2020 08:28 AM
New York: Hospitals fill with corona patients, death rate may increase

New York: The coronavirus, which is becoming fat like an epidemic in the whole world, is causing problems for people. Today, due to the grip of this virus, the number of infected people has been in millions. The number of people who died of coronavirus is also increasing constantly, while the medical system is becoming insufficient due to the increasing number of patients in America suffering from the coronavirus epidemic. The worst situation is being seen in New York City. All the hospitals here are filled with patients. Many victims are now being kept at home. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has extended the restrictions imposed in the country till the end of April. He has also expressed apprehension of death due to corona in the coming two weeks.

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According to the information received, the number of infected people has reached one lakh 40 thousand in the US and about two and a half thousand people have died. On Sunday, 18,000 new cases were reported and 255 Americans died. According to some New York officials and health workers, there has been a flood of corona cases in the city's hospitals.

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It is also being said that some patients are being left in their homes because the health system cannot take care of everyone. He said that phone calls for ambulances regarding medical crisis are coming in the same way as during the terrorist attack on September 9, 2001. The city received more than seven thousand calls on Thursday regarding the Coronavirus. Such a large number of phone calls were never received after the 9/11 attacks. Health workers said that most of the calls are coming with breathlessness or fever.

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