Hospital Staff stole valuables of Corona affected

Aug 05 2020 04:56 PM
Hospital Staff stole valuables of Corona affected

Crimes are a never-ending process in India. recently, the most barbaric incident took place when some miscreants took the jewels on the corpses of those who died with the virus without the slightest mercy as the people were fleeing with the corona epidemic. The man, who was hospitalized was having Corona, was pronounced dead at the scene. Family members who came to pay their last respects to his body noticed the atrocity and complained to the hospital authorities.

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A man from Tirupati Nehru Nagar was admitted to Padmavati Covid Hospital as he had positive symptoms of the corona. On arrival at the hospital, the corona victim had jewelry on his neck, cash in his bag and a cellphone. His health deteriorated and he died at the hospital. Relatives of the deceased, who came for a glimpse, noticed a lack of jewelry on his shirt. Relatives complained to the PRVO that the jewelry on the deceased's body had disappeared.

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The video went viral after the deceased person's kin took a video and posted it on social media. The hospital management took corrective action as it was also reported in the media. Family members of the deceased were summoned and a video was taken showing the body with jewelry. However, the deceased's cell phone was not found. Otherwise, the jewelry was not needed and the relatives had left. His funeral was also halted.

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