How Aamras Tops the List of Best Mango Dishes in the World: Make it Yourself
How Aamras Tops the List of Best Mango Dishes in the World: Make it Yourself

Aamras, a traditional Indian delicacy made from ripe mangoes, has taken the top spot on the Taste Atlas list of the "10 Best Mango Dishes" for June 2024, celebrating India's rich culinary heritage. Alongside Aamras, Mango Chutney from India secured the fifth position. These dishes have garnered global acclaim, showcasing the versatility and deliciousness of mango-based recipes, with Sticky Mango Rice from Thailand and Mango Sorbet from the Philippines also prominently featured.

With the Arrival of Summer, Mango Delights Take Center Stage

As the summer season arrives, mangoes, often referred to as the king of fruits, become a highly anticipated delight. The sweet and juicy aroma of mangoes is irresistibly tempting, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting their arrival. Ripe and raw mangoes are savored in various forms, with numerous delicious dishes made from them that leave people licking their fingers.

Aamras Claims the Top Spot

Aamras, a delightful dish famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat, has earned international recognition by topping the Taste Atlas list of the "Top 10 Mango Dishes". This traditional Indian preparation made from ripe mangoes is typically enjoyed with Puris. While it is predominantly prepared in Maharashtra, it can be easily made at home.

Mango Chutney Makes Its Mark

In addition to Aamras, Mango Chutney, a sweet and sour accompaniment, has also secured a place on the Taste Atlas list, ranking 5th. This chutney enhances the flavor of many dishes and is known for its unique taste that sets it apart from other chutneys, making it a popular choice to elevate the taste of everyday meals.

Global Recognition for Mango Dishes

The list also includes other mouthwatering mango dishes from around the world. Sticky Mango Rice from Thailand secured the second position, while Mango Sorbet from the Philippines ranked third. These international dishes highlight the versatility and global appeal of mangoes.

Enjoying Aamras at Home

To prepare Aamras, start by soaking ripe mangoes in water for a few hours. Once soaked, remove them from the water and extract the pulp. Choose mangoes that are very ripe to ensure the pulp comes out easily. After squeezing out the pulp, enhance its sweetness by adding a little sugar. Mix well, then add cardamom powder and garnish with saffron threads. For a refreshing treat, chill the Aamras in the refrigerator before serving it with Puris.

Try These Delights

While India is celebrated for its diverse and flavorful mango dishes, Aamras and Mango Chutney stand out for their exceptional taste and simplicity. If you haven't tried these dishes yet, they are definitely worth adding to your culinary repertoire.

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