How athletes should cope up with Ramadaan

May 18 2018 01:43 PM
How athletes should cope up with Ramadaan

Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic calendar. The ninth month is said to believe so holy because of the revelation of the very first verses of the holy Quran to prophet mohammad.

Muslims sacrifice themselves from all the allurement, fasting all day from sunrise to sunset.

They are ordered not to listen to anything bad or to be a part of any sins. They cannot intake even any saliva. Although Not all people are compulsory asked to fast during this month, old aged people, children, people who are traveling, pregnant ladies are allowed to not fast during Ramadan.

But the biggest question arises for people who are athletes and have to work out all day. It becomes really tough for them to fast when they need energy all day.

Well, it is suggested that they eat more of slowly released carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and corn instead of eating sugary food and salty food which makes them feel thirsty all day.

Some athletes do not fast, because of their rigorous athletic routine which can’t be managed for later months.

We wish a happy Ramadan to all the athletes and suggest them to workout during night and rest for the complete day, it would help them manage both the things in a single go. 

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