How Ayodhya's Ram Temple Sparks Trillion-Rupee Business Boom
How Ayodhya's Ram Temple Sparks Trillion-Rupee Business Boom

Lord Ram's consecration at the Ayodhya Ram Temple is poised to bring a whopping 1 trillion rupees in business and generate extensive employment opportunities. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) anticipates significant investments and a tourism boost, drawing attention from major players in the hotel and FMCG industries.

The 'Pran Pratishtha' ceremony of Ram Ralla, scheduled for January 22, 2024, is expected to be a game-changer for Ayodhya's tourism sector. Industry giants in hotels, FMCGs, real estate, and more are setting up units in or around the temple town. CAIT estimates the Ram Mandir's economic impact to reach a staggering 1 trillion rupees.

Incorporating feedback from trade associations in 30 cities across various states, CAIT's National Secretary General, Praveen Khandelwal, highlighted the event's resonance with religious sentiments and its potential to spur economic activities. He emphasized the emergence of new businesses rooted in the country's traditional economic system.

Various programs, such as Shri Ram Chowki, Shri Ram rallies, Shri Ram Pad Yatra, scooter and car rallies, and Shri Ram assemblies, are being organized nationwide by trade associations. Enthusiasm for the Ram Temple is translating into a high demand for Shri Ram-themed merchandise like flags, banners, caps, t-shirts, and printed 'kurtas.'

The inauguration of the Ram Temple is expected to catalyze growth for the hotel industry, small traders, and local businesses in and around Ayodhya. This expansion is set to create numerous direct and indirect job opportunities. Major hotel chains are actively investing in Ayodhya, with around 50 hotel construction projects currently underway.

During the Global Investors Summit (GIS), Ayodhya Divisional Commissioner Gaurav Dayal revealed that 102 agreements worth approximately 18,000 crores were signed to promote tourism in Ayodhya. Over 100 tourism-related projects are in progress, attracting investments from renowned hotel brands such as Taj, Marriott, Ginger, Oberoi, Trident, and Radisson.

According to the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department, Ayodhya witnessed a notable increase in visitors, with 3.25 lakh tourists in 2021 and a substantial rise to 2.39 crore in 2022. Projections estimate that the temple town could attract 20-25 crore visitors annually, solidifying its position as a key destination.
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