Why did Dr. Babasaheb use his surname as Ambedkar despite his father's name was Ramji Sapkal?

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, who was crucial in the country's constitution, paved the way for social equality in the country. He had envisioned the country's progress through science and technology. With respect, Baba Saheb refers to him as "the entire of India." There are a lot of things that are connected to his life. The adding of 'Ambedkar' to his name is one of these tales. Babasaheb's original surname was 'Sakpal,' not Ambedkar, as many people assumed.

Baba Saheb was born into the Mahar caste, which at the time was considered untouchable and lower caste. Baba Saheb had to deal with societal unrest as a result of his caste. Even though he was gifted, he had a lot of troubles at school because of his untouchability. As a result, his father changed his surname from 'Sakpal' to 'Ambadvekar' at school. The reason for this was that he was from the Konkan town of Ambadve. In that area, it was customary to name one's self after the community. As a result, Bhimrao Sakpal's name was inscribed with the surname Ambadvekar in the school.

Ambadvekar was Baba Saheb's new nickname. Krishna Mahadev Ambedkar, a Brahmin instructor, had a soft spot for Babasaheb. Because of this devotion, he erased the 'Ambadvekar' from baba saheb's name and replaced it with his nickname, 'Ambedkar.' As a result, Baba Saheb's name was changed to Bhimrao Ambedkar, and then to Ambedkar.

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