How Can an Electronic Water Level Controller Reduce Water Wastage?

Our lives have so many smart sensor-based devices that it is hard to imagine without electronic or automatic devices. One such highly used device is an electronic water level controller. The water is used excessively in homes, manufacturing factories, paper and fabric industries, and agricultural lands. 

We cannot reduce the water intake but surely can work to reduce the water wastage, and the water level controller is the device up for this task. This water is saved in a tank hooked up in our buildings.

Why do we Need a Water Level Controller Sensor?

The underground or overhead water tanks are filled every day in our homes or some industrial process. 

Similarly, numerous structures like swimming pools, water pumps, etc. that too keep water in huge amounts and require refilling. There is only one to reduce water wastage by regulating and automating the filling and draining process. 

For this purpose, we use electronic water level controllers; it has sensors as probes that monitor the level of water or liquid in the tank. Once it is below the set mark, the sensor signals to turn the pump or motor on to refill the tank. 

There are multiple sensors set at different levels. Once the tank is filled up to a set level, the sensors will inform the pump unit to turn the motor off. Using water level controller sensors in the liquid tanks helps to regulate the process of filling and draining while reducing wastage.

What are the Different Types of Liquid Level Controllers?

You can find several types of liquid-level controllers in the market. While people use different makes and brands, the one brand standing out is GIC, which makes digital liquid level controllers with other industrial automation equipment and devices. 

The GIC water level controller work equally with other liquids, not just water. You can use his digital controller in industrial tanks, and these do not corrode or rust when they come in contact with chemicals, so they are safe to use.

What are the Advantages of Using a Digital Liquid Level Controller?

Reduces Effort and Saves Time: Automating the complete procedure emits the want for regular human supervision, permitting them freedom.

Saves Motor from any Damage: The absence of ok water level can overheat the motor and purpose everlasting damage to it. The Automatic water Level Controller regulates the motor according to the supply of sourced water. In the absence of a normal water level, it mechanically turns it off and saves it from any damage.

Reduces Wastage: If the motor isn't grown to become off on time, the tank would possibly overflow, inflicting a waste of water. The Water Level Controller video displays the extent of water within the tank. While it reaches the desired level, it mechanically turns off the motor, averting the overflow and any water waste.

2-Way Sensing, including the Efficiency of the System: Water Level Controllers combine a 2-way sensing machine that senses the water on the top and the lowest of the tank or the water structure. 

How to Determine if a Water Level Controller is of Good Quality?

You can find this by reading the device's simple specifications or technical datasheet. The following factors are important to bear in mind at the same time as making the buy.

• Quality of Sourced Water

It could be essential to apprehend the best of the water in the vicinity because it influences the sensors being positioned to use without delay. Before deciding on the ideal water level controller sensor, run a readability check of the to be had to water. 

Check if the water is hard or clear or carries debris like dust, mud, etc. The presence of such particles can affect the performance of the sensor probes. 

• Motor Type Being Positioned to Use

It is essential to test the motor or pump for its strength intake. Old machines usually take more energy to run than brand new ones. If its strength intake doesn't healthy the prescribed load consumption of the electronic water level controller, that could disrupt the functioning of the controller. 

Also, different elements such as the pipe arrangement, thickness of the pipes, the distance between the tank and the water supply, sort of motor positioned to use (submersible or non-submersible), etc., play an essential role in defining the strength intake through the motor. 

Hence, additionally, they want to be considered nicely earlier than deciding on the ideal Water Level Controller.

• Type of Water Level Controller

Another essential component to hold in attention is if the water level controller consists of the dry run protection function. Often, the supply of water lacks the average pressure of water. If a motor continues jogging in this situation, it'll overheat and wreck down. There's a function called 'Dry Run Protection to keep away from such situations. It allows the controller to experience a water shortage and mechanically flip off the motor. It is cautioned to purchase a controller that has this function. The water level controller price might be a little extra, but it is worth the investment.

• Switches and Connectors

In addition to the above factors, ensure that the best switches and connectors are being used. These components are vital for the water level controller. It is cautioned to check the guide on/off transfer earlier than making the buy. Also, don't overlook the ampere ratings.


The electronic water level controller from GIC is performing on top, no matter if you use it in homes or industrial tanks for chemicals, water, or some other type of liquids apart from paint or liquid that will harden into a layer on the sensing probe. 

The above-given factors are defining the water level controller sensors. We at E Control Devices provide you with powerful GIC components that will be the best solution. You can contact us for more information or technical guidance.

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