How dealing with 'Stubborn Children' will be easy ???
How dealing with 'Stubborn Children' will be easy ???

Dealing with a stubborn child is quite a task for parents and getting them to listen to you and do basic chores like eating, bathing and going to bed is a real battle.  Some parents encourage adamant behavior by giving into them and their tantrums.

Few characteristics of a stubborn child:

  • They want to be heard and may seek your attention often.
  • They are bent on doing what they like.
  • Stubborn children throw tantrums often.
  • They are very bossy at times.
  • They like to do things the way they want and at their pace.

Tips to deal with a stubborn child

1. Listen – don’t argue

If you want your stubborn child to listen to you, then you need to be willing to listen as well.  Stubborn children tend to argue.

2. Don’t force them

Don’t force them into anything because they tend to rebel and do whatever they are told not to do.  Connect with your child.

3. Give them options

Kids don’t like being told what to do because they have a mind of their own.  Give your kid options and not directives.  However, too many options aren’t good either.

4. Respect your child

If you expect your child to respect you and your decisions, then you need to respect them as well.  Don’t force anything onto him.

5. Negotiate

It is normal for kids to throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.  Hence, sometimes it is necessary to negotiate with you child. 

6. Understand your child

Try and look at your child’s behavior from his perspective.  Put yourself in your child’s shoes and try and understand what they must be going through.

7. Create a pleasant environment at home

Children learn through observation and imitate their parents.  Marital problems between parents can lead to a negative and stressful environment at home leading to a stubborn and aggressive child.

8. Work with your child

Be watchful of your tone and vocabulary because stubborn children are sensitive.  When they dislike your behavior, they do things to protect themselves: talk back and rebel.

Be a friend to your child!

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