Railways became troubleshooter for countrymen during corona epidemic, know how?

Even though the first wave of corona infection had put a curb on the speed of the Indian Railways, it is the Railways that saved the lives of the corona victims by delivering oxygen in the second wave. Later, when the trains returned to the track, it also took people to the villages in time. Railways also achieved unprecedented milestones in terms of infrastructure development, innovation, expansion of network capacity, freight diversification and transparency.

In the same Corona epidemic, the Railways used the Corona Challenge as an opportunity to lay the foundation for future development and the next level of travel for the people. The year 2020 showed India a photo of corona infection that could have created more difficulties in the times to come. As a result, the Central Government announced a nationwide lockdown on March 24, 2020, to check the spread of corona. Once upon a time, it seemed that the entire country had come to a standstill. For the first time in its 167-year history, Indian Railways had to shut down all its passenger services.

The same National Transport Lifeline, which helps about 800 crore passengers daily in about 13,500 trains to reach their destination, was stopped under government instructions to prevent the spread of corona. As a result, many industries including transport, entertainment, tourism and sports were badly affected. But at that time, it was the Railways that emerged as a national transporter and emerged as a ray of hope. Yes, Indian Railways, through its three-pronged approach to the corona crisis, outlined its essential public transport and freight services and fought the effects of the epidemic in an efficient manner.

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