How do you charge your electric vehicle? A wireless charging test is underway

Whereas other countries focus on developing robust charging infrastructure, Italy intends to make charging of electric vehicles possible on the go. Stellantis has intended to upgrade the present infrastructure by designing an inductive charging technology to permit charging of electric cars, whether parked or in motion, as reported earlier. The project is now in the testing phase.

The automaker placed Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology, which is a wireless charging system, beneath the pavement. It has been deployed in a closed-circuit along the A35 autostrada in Italy, and the charging test phase is expected to begin soon. This road strip, known as Arena del Futuro (Arena of the Future), is a 1,050-meter track powered by a 1-Megawatt DWPT system. A Fiat 500 Electric and an Iveco E-Way bus will be used to test the strip's inductive charging capability.

According to Stellantis' Head of Global E-Mobility Anne-Lise Richard, this unique technology will give a tangible response to the range and charging issues that EV owners are most worried about. "We're speeding up our role in defining the future of mobility, and DWPT technology appears to be in keeping with our ambition to provide a tangible solution to customers' needs." "Charging vehicles while they are in motion has evident advantages in terms of charging periods and battery size," Richard said.

To ensure placing greater emphasis for commuters, the route strip will also include 5G connection and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Stellantis also plans to invest some €30 billion in the project to accelerate the electrification process and create more advanced software solutions.

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