Whether you can drink decoction in scorching heat or not, know the answer here

At this time, the havoc of Corona in India has reduced, although there is also news that the cases have started increasing again. In fact, the arrival of new variants of Corona has increased the concern. Corona, which is currently wreaking havoc in Shanghai, China, has also increased the number of patients in many other European and Asian countries, in such a situation, the possibility of a fourth wave in India cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, health experts are constantly appealing to people to take precautions, and follow the rules of Corona for their safety. Yes and that is the reason that people who have adopted Ayurvedic remedies to increase immunity in the three waves of Corona, to make the body strong against the virus, are once again using them, but will the use of decoction in summer and other AYUSH and Ayurvedic products be beneficial or harmful in this summer of April? It is very important to know about this.

In fact, vaidya S. Rajagopal, medical superintendent of the All India Institute of Ayurveda, spoke about the adoption of ayurvedic products, including decoction, in this scorching heat. In fact, Rajagopal says that 'the cases of corona in India have reduced significantly, but this does not mean that corona will not come anymore. No claim about Corona can be made clear at the moment. Corona cases are scary in many countries. However, there is still relief in your country. As far as the use of ayurvedic or AYUSH products like decoction etc. to increase immunity is concerned, care has to be taken while using decoction etc. in summer. '

Vaidya Rajagopal says that "In the time of Corona, as people took decoction several times a day, they took other medicines of AYUSH. He had taken 64 (Ayush-64) tablets. Now if a person has a fever or has symptoms of Corona, then take Ayush 64 tablets. Apart from this, you also have to take care while taking Ayush decoction. In this season, one has to take care to use hot things in which spices or pepper etc. have been used. For this, people have to make a little change in these products so that they do not create unnecessary heat in the body. '

How to make a decoction and how much to take - If people are taking the decoction of Ayush, then first of all make the decoction light. This means that keep more water in it and add less decoction powder. Not only this but apart from this, also add Munakka in it, which is cold. Since jaggery is also hot, do not add it. Keep in mind that honey is not added to the hot cheese. Because of this, cook the decoction by adding Munakka and then drink it. Limit the amount of decoction during this time. You can take up to 50 ml of decoction daily.

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