How much average does diesel engine of train deliver?

New Delhi: Millions of people travel every day by Indian Railways, one of the world's fourth-largest rail networks. State that existing trains are operated by electric, diesel and steam engines. However, the current trend of trains is negligible. There are more diesel-powered trains. What mileage do trains running on diesel engines give? This question arises in everyone's mind, but it is important to first know how many litres the diesel train tank is.

According to media reports, the tank is divided into three categories 5,000 litres, 5,500 litres and 6,000 litres depending on the capacity of the diesel engine. According to the load of the train, the average per kilometre is determined in the diesel engine. The mileage of diesel engines depends on many things. According to media reports, a 12-coach passenger train gives a mileage of one km in 6 litres. The 24-coach express train is also one km in 6 litres and the average of the 12-coach express train is one km in 4.50 litres.

Please tell that the normal train stops at all the stations. Along with this, the use of brakes and accelerators is also more in it. In such a situation, the average of a normal or passenger train becomes less than that of an express train. Since the express train stops at fewer stations and uses fewer brakes and accelerators, its mileage is higher. According to media reports, the average of goods train with more load is also less.

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