How not to harm yourself during masturbation

May 07 2019 09:19 PM
How not to harm yourself during masturbation

Everybody masturbates. Well, or at least so many. The good news is that masturbation is the safest kind of sex. It is much harder to harm yourself than having sex with a partner. But precautions here too.

1. Wash your hands.

Clean - the guarantee of health, including during masturbation. Washing your hands is necessary so as not to spread the bacteria and not get an infection.

Use a lubricant

The golden rule of sex: if you think that a lubricant would be useful, then you do not think so. Masturbation without lubrication can lead to irritation due to friction. Lubricant saves from microtraumas and improves sliding.

 Do not use unsuitable items for sex toys.

Banana, cucumber or deodorant - all these items are not suitable for sexual pleasures, even if you put a condom on them. Risks more than pleasure. Banana can break, cucumber - break contraception. All these items are dirty and dangerous, if used for other purposes.

Be careful with anal sex toys

You can easily lose the object inside you, and then without the help of the doctors you cannot get it. Entertaining medical histories do not arise from scratch, there are really a lot of patients.

Take care of sex toys properly.

It is desirable to wash sex toys immediately after using warm water with regular soap or a special cleanser. And it is important to do it every time. If you are too lazy, then wash the toy later, but you will have to wash harder, because bacteria multiply actively with time.

Do not overdo with porn

Porno dependence is not recognized as a disorder. Opinions are too diversePornography Addiction in Systematic Review of Definitions and Reported Impact scientists about what should be considered it and whether it exists at all. But by and large a person can be addicted to anything.

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