How proper breathing will help with sex

May 11 2019 10:00 PM
How proper breathing will help with sex

Relax and turn off your head, increase your sensitivity and experience an amazing feeling of oneness with your partner - breathing techniques can help with this.

This is a rule that permeates all areas of my life. I can argue that the vast majority of people not related to sports, vocals, yoga, martial arts or mindfulness practitioners pay attention to their breathing only when something is wrong with it: it smells bad, gets lost, and so on.

At the same time in all the ancient practices of working with the mind and body, you will find exercises related to breathing. And this is understandable. Attentive work with breathing helps to relax, concentrate, increase sensitivity, get horny, attune with other people. In singing without proper breathing, it will not be possible to bring out a strong and even part, in various sports, to reach, swim, and lift.

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So, in the breath of sex is no less important thing. I'll tell you more about the situations in which you can use conscious breathing in sex.

Head off

When you focus on the sensations in the body, it automatically stops practicing the grinding of thoughts in the head. Attention to breathing is the most accessible way to return to these very sensations. If your case is thought during sex about work and household chores and it bothers you, try deep breathing evenly (try to exhale with your mouth and 1.5–2 times longer than breath)

Notice important processes

The reverse side of the return to the sensations. “Departure” from the body into abstract thoughts helps not to notice what is happening to us at all. What you like and what not.

The effect is especially noticeable if you breathe slowly: you simply have enough time to understand what is happening.

And you may be anxious, if not scary. You need to be able to cope with these emotions and discuss them with your partner. So be careful.


When you are tense, it can be difficult to enjoy. And again breathing will come to the rescue. By the way, deep slow breathing helps to get a feeling of comfort and safety. For many women, this is a necessary factor for the very possibility of arousal. But for men, too important.

Take note if you are very worried before sex.


Orgasm in women can sometimes be very fragile, it is easy to "scare". If you try to breathe deeply while approaching orgasm, keeping your attention simultaneously on breathing and in a place where you have pre-orgasmic sensations are concentrated, it will be more difficult to distract you.

Increase arousal and increase sensitivity

Deepening and slowing breathing helps increase blood oxygen saturation and blood circulation in the tissues, and thus increase sensitivity.

Rapid breathing increases arousal. If you want more fervent, passionate sex, you can try to breathe quickly and intermittently. Just be careful: if you feel a little dizzy, breathe more calmly.

You can also help yourself by adding sound. No, it's not about imitation, like in porn. When you add a voice - lowing, growling, groans (only those that seem to you personally suitable) - you are excited even more. If the sounds are rhythmic, you can even carry in light or "strong" trance. Enjoy.

Some may experience stronger feelings of limited breathing — asphyxia, but such games often end in sadness, so please do not do this without basic medical training.

Customize with a partner

People who are familiar with tantric paired exercises understand well what incredible things breath alignment can do. Breathing synchronously, and sometimes in antiphase - one inhales, the second exhale - you can achieve an amazing feeling of unity, dissolving in each other, together with increase excitement. It gives sensations, I tell you, the beyond.


I learned this life hacking about five years ago in the Erickson hypnosis class and began to actively use it in my sexual practices. When I want a partner to follow me, relax, or get more excited, plunge into my feelings, I make eye contact and invite my partner to breathe after me. Then I can already make my breathing deeper and even or more frequent and intermittent - it all depends on the goal. And the partner just repeats after me.

If this is done calmly and confidently, the partner feels safe and should be happy. Especially cool working with those who are accustomed to control everything. Men, you too, of course, can do that with your partners if you both are interested in such games.

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