How to become a good lover: 5 tips from women

Jun 07 2019 05:36 PM
How to become a good lover: 5 tips from women

Good sex is the key to health and happiness in relationships. This is a team game, which for many women often ends with "and everything ?!". To become a legend in bed, it is worth knowing what women think about it.

1. Forget about what you see in porn

The first rule of a good lover: forget all that porn movies teach you. No, by itself, porn is even useful if it is warming up with a partner before the main game. Just porn teaches the wrong things. So, as it happens in porno, in real life it does not happen. You can draw an analogy with movies about sports: you won’t learn karate from Bruce Lee movies?

Porn movies are a job for the camera, not a desire to make a pleasant partner, not making love.

Take the pose "backward rider". This is an ideal option for the operator: the process is at a glance, you do not need to show acrobatics wonders in order to remove the piquant view. In reality, not the best choice. First, the penis does not reach the sensitive areas of the vagina. Secondly, it is inconvenient and even dangerous: there is a high risk of damaging the penis during too sudden movement.

Sex in pornography looks more like a jackhammer: 20 minutes of frictions end with a mediocre imitation of orgasm. Anal sex, as pornography depicts it, is generally dangerous to repeat in real life. So please do not copy pornstars in bed.

2. Spend time warming up.

An important component of good sex - its duration. This is not the hour bedtime bouts, like in porn. Such sex annoys, exhausts and annoys. The duration of sex does not depend on the duration of the penis in the vagina. On the contrary, the ideal penetration time is 7–13 minutes. We are talking about the duration of the whole act of love.

It's all about cause and effect relationships.

For a man, this is "I'm excited, so I will kiss and hug you." For most women, the opposite: sensual contact causes desire.

Therefore, men often reach orgasm faster than women. The man starts where the woman is still just warming up.

Good prelude will help. Attempts to “catch the radio” by winding your partner's unfortunate nipples, or eating her ear, is not a prelude. A sensitive man knows that a woman has besides her breast other erogenous zones.

A gentle kiss at the junction of the neck and shoulder can drive a woman crazy. Touching the inner surface of the hips with your fingertips will make you tremble with passion. Do not rush to proceed to the main dish, be patient and take the time to study the body of a partner. The result in the form of fireworks orgasms worth it.

3. Stop thinking penis

Start thinking with your hands as well as your tongue. The biggest mistake of men is to assume that only the right equipment is required for quality sex, preferably bigger and thicker. This is enough to make a woman moan with pleasure, and her friends envy. This teaches porn.

In reality, the woman is sadly studying the ceiling and hopes that you still decide to pay attention to her desires before you turn away from the wall and fall asleep.

These men need a penis for orgasm. Women can be different. According to some reports, less than 35% of women experience a pure vaginal orgasm. In the majority of women (almost 80%), orgasm depends on oral and manual stimulation of the genital organs. They do not care about the size and thickness of the penis, the speed, and strength of frictions.

There are no common recipes. One likes petting the tongue, the other - touching the fingers, the third likes when it is touched with the whole palm. Study a woman and, for the sake of all that is holy, shear and clean your nails.

4. Aim for diversity

Sex kill monotony and monotony. Remember the first months of living together - sex demolished the roof. And not because you owned poses from the one hundred and fifth page of the Kama Sutra. It's all about the novelty. The human brain needs fresh impressions, new experiences, and stimuli. Honeymoon - the time when the brain is filled with dopamine. Unfortunately, the brain quickly gets used to everything new.

Boredom comes too fast, and what you both yesterday delighted with is causing a yawn today.

Good sex needs a variety. New poses, caresses, techniques, toys, and devices - study the topography of your own bodies and stimulate the brain with a new experience.

5. Talk to your partner

Quality sex depends not on the penis, but on the male brain. A good lover knows that sex is more than a union of bodies. These are flirting, compliments, tantalizing touches and - most importantly - words. Communicate, discuss desires and needs, ask questions to find out what you like and what annoys. After all, women love to talk, especially about themselves.


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