8 Hacks on how to pull off white eyeliner this summer

Coloured eyeliner is coming into the fashion trends. Wearing a white dress always look elegant, so does white eyeliner. The white eyeliner looks sexy and stunning when applied right. It can be an unexpected twist to your look.
We have 
listed out simple hacks to use white eyeliner/eye pencil and rock the look this summer.

1. Brighten the look of your eyeshadow pigment:
If you want your eyeshadow pigment to stand out, try layering it on top of white eye pencil underneath. Apply white eye pencil on your eyelids and blend out the white colour before applying your eyeshadow.

2. Minimise the look of redness in your eyes:
Due to less sleep or summer allergies, our eyes get red. Line your eyes with a white eyeliner pencil to help reduce the look of redness. 

3. Lift your brows:
Give your eyebrows a natural lift by drawing a fine line with a cream-based white eyeliner just underneath your brows. This gives the effect of a subtle, natural highlight that makes your brows look well defined. 

4. Create an ombre eyeliner effect:
Ladies get afraid to try the ombré eyeliner trend thinking it is too difficult. It is surprisingly easy to achieve this effect using white eyeliner. Start at the inner corners of your eyes and line them with a white eyeliner and stop when you reach the 
centre of your eye. Now take a brighter eyeliner, like a blue or aqua, and line the outer half of your eyelids with this colour. Now take a fine eyeliner brush and blend the brighter colour into the white eyeliner at the centre of your eyelid.

5. Make your eyes look wider:
Makeup can be effectively used to subtly change our features. Make your eyes look bigger and wider by lining the lower waterline of your eyes and just above your lashes with white eyeliner, and blend slightly. Add some mascara to your lashes, and this creates the effect of bigger eyes.

6. Brighten the inner corners of your eyes:
Cream-based white eyeliner can help you look wide-eyed and brighter. Just place it at the inner corner of your eye, around the tear duct and blend lightly. 

7. Create a white cat-eye:
Give the classic black cat-eye a miss, and try the same style in white eyeliner. The surprising colour in the cat-eye shape will give you a dramatic and fresh look. 

8. Add white accents to you daily look:
If you don’t want to have all white then just draw a classic black winged eye. Add a small white line just below the wing that extends beyond the outer corner. 

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