Here's how to buy peer to peer bitcoin in India

Oct 19 2019 08:39 AM
Here's how to buy peer to peer bitcoin in India

Today, in this age of the Internet, everything is changing very rapidly and evolving. Almost all human needs are available on the internet which can be acquired or known in a few clicks. The scope of business through the Internet has became unlimited now. In earlier times, a shop or business was limited to street or city, but through the Internet, it is now possible in the country and abroad too. In such a world filled with changing technology, today we will talk about virtual currency or digital currency.

There has been hardly any unfamiliarity with the name of Bitcoin since 2017. Due to the daily changing value and increasing demand of this digital currency, it has become a topic of curiosity and much discussion among the people. As people are getting to know about this, everyone's interest is seen increasing in this investment.

If you do not know much about Bitcoin or are looking for something on the Internet that gives you the information to buy bitcoin in India, then let us explain you in detail about it.

What is bitcoin?

Actually, Bitcoin is a digital currency that cannot be touched or seen, but it can be used on the Internet for lending. You cannot keep it like a piece of paper in a pocket, but for this you need to keep digital wallets in which it is stored as digits.

The value of bitcoin keeps on changing every day, minutes and seconds. It is completely dependent on supply and demand. Predicting its value is absolutely risky because as the trend of this digital currency is increasing, its value has also started showing up and down.

How to buy bitcoin in India?

There is currently no rule on Bitcoin or digital currency in many countries including India, due to which the government and many committees are eyeing to implement or completely stop it. It cannot be purchased by the bank, due to which people can transact in it with mutual consent, for which the government is not responsible in any way.

To buy bitcoin, currently, peer to peer means with each other or Paypal to Bitcoin is quite popular. Many big companies are also working to secure digital currency transactions in which paxful is quite popular.

Is digital currency safe?

No government or individual has control over Bitcoin or digital currency. In this technique "blockchain" all transactions are recorded which cannot be changed or teased. Bitcoin transaction fees are very low, due to which it is possible to transact in less time and less value.

Although many incidents of hacking of Bitcoin or digital currency have come up in the recent past, it is extremely critical to keep it carefully in the digital wallet.

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