'Slap Day': You can make this day special in these ways

Feb 15 2020 10:39 AM
'Slap Day': You can make this day special in these ways

Every year Valentine's Day is over and Anti-Valentine's Week is starting from today. The first day of this week is on 15 February i.e. today. On this day, 'Slap Day' is celebrated. Although people usually consider it a bad day and take it seriously, but it is not a bad day. If you want, you can enjoy 'Slap Day' too, we tell you how...?

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Teach a lesson - If you have been troubled by someone in 'Valentines Week', then today is the right day when you can take action against him. You can slap him on 'Slap Day'. You can say to him, 'Sorry, I did not celebrate' Valentine's Week 'with you, but we will definitely celebrate' Slap Day 'give a slap.

Not necessarily slaps - If you want to teach someone a lesson but are not getting a chance, then 'Slap Day' is your chance. If you wish, you can slap him today by slapping him and if you are not able to do this then you can make him feel bad with your words.

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Slap with love- If you want to celebrate 'Slap Day' but no one is getting a chance to slap you then you can slap your partner with love. It will not take long for your partner to understand that you are celebrating good and bad every day with your valentine.

Take it as a task - Do not take this day as a bad task. If you want, you can give your friends a task to slap an unknown on this day, which will make it great.

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