Use these methods to connect your mobile with TV

Aug 07 2019 01:17 PM
Use these methods to connect your mobile with TV

Now, connecting mobile to TV has become much easier because of the advancement in technology. Most people on mobile share videos or photos or want to connect to TVs for other things. Instead of a small mobile screen, it's a different experience to watch photos or videos on tv's big screens. Like smartphones, there are many smart TVs in the market that can be paired with smartphones. You don't need any special technology for this. You can link the TV with or without wire to the mobile.

Connect via cable: The smart TV has a port of most HDMI. You can connect the TV to the phone via micro HDMI or micro USB cable. This will connect you to the HDMI port of the TV. You don't need a password or WiFi connection to connect the TV to the mobile via a wire. Note that many WiFi cables are 15 feet or smaller, but there is also a long HDMI cable available in the market to choose the cable at your convenience.

Connect without cable: There are many gadgets available in the market that can connect your TV to your smartphone. Google Chromecast is a similar device. It's easily available online and easily available for Rs. 1000-1500. Keep in mind that you don't have Confucius on Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. The chromecast dongle won't do anything on its own. It will only connect your mobile to the TV. Whatever you do on mobile will appear on TV. Chromecast can also be used for iOS devices. In addition to Chromecast, you can also use Roku 2, Miracast Video Adapter and many other options in the market.

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