'Opium' farming will make you rich, this way you can also earn huge profits
'Opium' farming will make you rich, this way you can also earn huge profits

New Delhi: There are many types of plants found in India, which are used to make medicines. Opium cultivation also falls in the same category. However, not everyone can cultivate this plant. For this, you have to get the approval of the government and follow the rules made by the government. According to legal beliefs, opium cultivation is to be used only in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Let us know that earlier its cultivation was limited to only a few areas of India. But now gradually it has started to be cropped in many areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The fruit that comes into its plant is also called Doda. This fruit bursts on its own and there are small white-shaped seeds inside it. Let me tell you that not everyone can cultivate opium. It is an intoxicating substance. For its cultivation, farmers have to get approval from the narcotics department. Action may also be taken against you for cultivating it without permission.

Within 100 to 115 days of the sowing of opium, flowers begin to come from its plant. After this, the flowers start to come out in 15 to 20 days. An incision is made on this Dode. After the incision, fluid comes out of it. In this, care has to be taken that this process should be completed before the sun comes out. This process is continued until the fluid from the crop stops. When the whole fluid comes out of the Dode, the seed is taken out from within it. And it is later used as a medicine. With the approval of the government, you can also cultivate it and earn good profits.

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