How to excite any woman

May 23 2019 10:00 PM
How to excite any woman

Create a feeling of comfort

Consider the situation when you have a new romance, you are already halfway to sex, that is, a vowel or tacit agreement is already there or has significantly hung in the air.

First of all, it’s worth making sure that your chosen one is morally ready and wants it the same way as you. Then pay attention to the surrounding circumstances. Try to look at the situation through her eyes. Is there enough soft light (if it is not at all, then it does not hurt at all, but on the contrary)? How comfortable and clean the bed is or what are you going to do there? Is there a danger of being noticed, overheard, and so on (unless, of course, you are not exhibitionist)?

Speak and act

Women love the ears. This is an axiom, so do not forget to tell her what she is gorgeous, beautiful, how it smells delicious, elastic, sweet, etc. So she will relax, and this is the first step to the excitement. No other way.

Choose proven methods

Kissing, stroking, easy to hold the tongue, without leaving wet marks on her skin - all these methods of arousal are known, as well as the erogenous zones (first of all, neck and chest, but the ankle can be very sensitive, and knee bend - anything ).

Act gently, but not too easily, so that the woman does not become ticklish: laughter with excitement does not fit well.

If you have thoughtful sex on a comfortable bed, you can offer the lady a light massage with oil. It really gets. Just remember that the oil should be warm. With the smell you need to be careful: they may be harsh or not like her personally.

Use aphrodisiacs

Not everyone, but many believe in the power of stimulants and natural aphrodisiacs - that is, what should cause arousal. It is known that strong drugs have a huge number of side effects. And we do not recommend adding them to food or drinks of a woman without her knowledge: to take certain drugs or not should be only her choice.

As for natural pathogens, these are, first of all, seafood, olives, chocolate, avocados and a number of other products, most of which are allergic to the amateur: be careful. The stimulating properties of food can unfold in 40 minutes - an hour.

But in any case, a meal is worth it: hungry women can often think only about food. By the way, nobody has canceled the magical power of wine either: a glass or two will help to relax, which means that they will get excited faster.

Don't insist

Contrary to the common opinion among men that Cooney, like blowjob, is loved by everyone, not every woman wants to see the language of her new partner between her legs on the very first night. If you are trying to bring her head to her crotch, and she gently pushes you away, it means that she does not want: she is not sure of herself, she thinks she smells bad, is not shaved, and so on. In general, do not try to understand, just do not persist.

Excite but check

In general, you can try anything but constantly monitor the reaction. If in response to the fact that you grabbed her wrists and threw her hands behind her head, she pursed her lips, or twitched, or squeezed her knees, loosen her grip. Fist her mane, and she frowned? Again the wrong step. Touched her clitoris with her hand, and she arched her back and purred? Well, finally guessed!

Tell us what awaits her

Do not ignore the situation when you need to excite a girlfriend with whom you have in common sex. If you desired her immediately and not in the most suitable place and now you are afraid that she will not agree to intercourse, act on her with words, and better in a whisper.

A rare woman will not get excited if you start whispering to her what you will do with her and how. Well, if your hand starts to help, as they say, not by word, but by deed.

Desire her

And most importantly, remember: there is little that can excite a woman more than the look or feel of a man who is suffering. If you do not burn yourself, then the young lady will be difficult to ignite.

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