How to find out who you talk most on Whatsapp

Sep 10 2020 04:10 PM
How to find out who you talk most on Whatsapp

Instant messaging app WhatsApp remains a favorite of the people nowadays. This app is benefiting people for all the more. However, this app has many tricks that you can use. These tricks are of great benefit and you will definitely be happy to use them. Well today we're going to tell you a trick that lets you know which contact has the most chat. Yes, the trick we're going to tell you today lets you find out which person you've had the most chat with on WhatsApp. Let's explain.

Follow this method - First you can open the WhatsApp app. Now then click on the right side three dot menu. Then you click and go to Settings. Now, tap the Settings data and storage usage option. After tapping data and storage usage, click Storage Usage. You'll then come across a list of the contacts you talk about the most on Whatsapp.

Now, you'll find out how many text messages, stickers, photos, videos, GIFs, audio messages have been sent or received when you click on any contact here. Well, you will hardly know what we have told you today. This trick are of great benefit to those who want to find out how long the front talked.

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