Do these things to please Hanuman ji

Feb 14 2020 05:46 PM
Do these things to please Hanuman ji

Hanuman ji is the awakened deity of this Kali Yuga, who removes all kinds of sufferings of devotees. Apart from this, if the devotion of Hanumanji is done with true devotion then he fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. Today, we tell you what kind of suffering of Hanumanji is eradicated.

Hanuman Chalisa
A person who recites Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening, all his wishes are fulfilled and no person can be held hostage. Prison crisis never comes upon him. Goswami Tulsidas, the creator of the same Shri Ramcharit Manas, wrote Hanuman Chalisa before writing Sri Ramcharitmanas and then with the grace of Hanumanji, he could write Sri Ramcharitmanas. If a person has been imprisoned due to his misdeeds, he should take pledge and pray for pledge and recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times, pledging never to do any misdeeds from now on. If that Hanumanji is pleased, then such people are freed from the prison.

Bajrang Baan
Many people make people angry with their actions or behavior, this increases their enemies. Apart from this, some people have a habit of speaking clearly due to which they also have secret enemies. It may also be that you are good in all ways, yet people are jealous of your progress and are conspiring against you. At the same time if you are truthful then Bajrang Baan saves you and punishes the enemies. In such a situation, the enemy gets punished for his actions by Bajrang Baan, but it should be recited ritualistically for 21 days in one place and resolve to always walk on the path of truth, because Hanumanji only supports the holy people. One gets instant fruit in 21 days.

Hanuman Bahuk
If you are troubled by diseases, then keep a vessel of water in front of Hanuman ji's statue and recite Hanuman Bahuk for 26 or 21 days. Take that water daily and keep another water. With the grace of Hanumanji, you will get freedom from all the sufferings of the body.

Hanuman Mantra
If you are afraid of darkness or ghosts or have any kind of fear, then chant Hanumante Namah 108 times daily in the morning. In a few days, slowly, fearlessness will start coming in you.

Hanuman Temple
Go to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday and offer jaggery, gram, do it for 21 days and when 21 days are over, offer Hanumanji a chola. You will his blessing.

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