Find out the key to women's sexual pleasure

Apr 14 2018 09:00 PM
Find out the key to women's sexual pleasure

You may have heard people saying that it is really tough to satisfy a women's sexual desire. It has always been a big-time mystery to every man. There are various sex positions and oral sex types are present, but still turning on women is tough. In fact, according to the National Survey of Sex and Behaviour, 91 percent of men climax while mating as compared to just 64 percent of women.
To know the reason, Daily Star had decided to conduct a research to find out what is the best way to make a woman orgasm.
The research involved questions about which sexual activity is the most pleasurable. In the study, a total of 9,360 women took part in the poll. The research found staggering results which came out as a shocker. A staggering 36 percent of the survey takers stated that vaginal penetration was the best way to make them climax. Apart from them, previous survey takers claims of clitoral stimulation are the key. Oral stimulation came in second with 26 percent rooting for it, and the third place went to mutual masturbation with 24 percent votes.
The anal act came in at number four, with just 14 percent votes.

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