Identify if the vaccine you are being administered is real or fake
Identify if the vaccine you are being administered is real or fake

New Delhi: The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the discovery of fake Covishield vaccines being identified in the South-East Asia and Africa region. In fact, recently, the Central Government has issued some guidelines to all the States and Union Territories to identify the real and fake vaccines which we are going to tell you. After reading these guidelines, people will be able to identify whether the corona vaccine they are taking is real or fake.

Let me tell all of you that the objective of the Central Government is to enable service providers and monitoring teams to identify any fake Covid-19 vaccines through this and to prevent fake vaccines in the country. Let us also tell all of you that people are currently being administered under the Covichild of Serum Institute of India, Covacin of Bharat Biotech, and Russian Vaccine Sputnik-V, Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign in the country. Now, let us know the guidelines issued by Additional Secretary Manohar Aganani for all states and Union Territories.

*A real Covishield vial bottle will show a dark green SII product label shed, brand name with the mentioned trademark, and dark green aluminum flip-off seal.

*The SII logo is printed at a different angle on the adhesive side of the label, which can only be identified by a select few who know its exact information.

*Print the letters in special white ink to be more clear and readable.

*According to the parameters, the entire label has found a special texture, which appears only at a specific angle.

* Anti-duplicate features in the vaccine label include invisible UV helix (DNA-like structure), which appears only in UV light.

*Sputnik is from two different wholesale construction sites, so there are two different labels for these two sites, although all information and designs are the same, only the manufacturer's name is different.

*For all imported products, the English label is available only behind and behind the carton of 5 ampul packs, although all other side is in Russian, including the primary label on the ampules.

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