How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger? Find Out Here
How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger? Find Out Here

Having small eyes can sometimes feel like a limitation when it comes to makeup. However, with the right techniques and products, you can make your eyes appear larger and more striking. Here are some detailed tips and tricks to enhance your eyes and give them a bigger, bolder look.

1. Bold and Defined Eyebrows
Why It Works:
Bold and well-defined eyebrows frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, making them appear larger.

How to Achieve It:
Shape Your Brows: Start by shaping your eyebrows. Remove any stray hairs and define the natural shape of your brows.
Fill Them In: Use an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches your hair color. Fill in any sparse areas and create a fuller look.
Set Them: Use a clear or tinted eyebrow gel to set your brows in place, ensuring they stay defined throughout the day.

2. Thick Eyeliner Application
Why It Works:
Applying thicker eyeliner can create an illusion of larger eyes by adding definition and depth.

How to Achieve It:
Start Thin: Begin by applying a thin line of eyeliner close to the upper lash line.
Gradual Thickening: Gradually build up the thickness towards the outer corner of your eyes. This technique, known as a "winged" or "cat-eye" look, helps to elongate the eyes.
Use Gel or Liquid Eyeliner: These types of eyeliners provide more precision and intensity compared to pencils.

3. Highlighting the Lower Waterline with Kohl
Why It Works:
Highlighting the lower waterline with kohl opens up the eyes and makes them appear larger and more awake.

How to Achieve It:
Light Kohl: Use a nude or white kohl pencil to line the lower waterline. This creates the illusion of larger, brighter eyes.
Avoid Dark Colors: Dark colors can make the eyes look smaller, so stick to lighter shades for this area.

4. Highlighting the Inner Corners
Why It Works:
Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes adds brightness and gives the illusion of wider, more open eyes.

How to Achieve It:
Shimmery Eyeshadow: Use a light, shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter. Apply it to the inner corners of your eyes using a small brush or your fingertip.
Blend Well: Make sure to blend the highlighter so it looks seamless and natural.

5. Choosing Eyeliner Colors Based on Skin Tone
Why It Works:
The right eyeliner color can enhance your eyes and make them appear larger without overpowering your natural features.

How to Achieve It:
For Fair Skin: Opt for brown, grey, or light blue eyeliner instead of black. These colors provide definition without looking too harsh.
For Medium to Dark Skin: Rich colors like plum, navy, and bronze can add depth and make your eyes stand out.

Additional Tips
Curl Your Lashes:
Use an eyelash curler to lift your lashes. This opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger.
Apply Mascara: Apply two to three coats of mascara, focusing on the roots of the lashes to add volume and length.

Use Light Eyeshadow Colors:
Light, neutral eyeshadow shades like beige, taupe, and champagne can make your eyes appear larger. Apply the lightest shade on the eyelid and a slightly darker shade in the crease to add dimension.
Avoid Dark Eyeshadows:

Dark eyeshadows can make your eyes look smaller. If you want to use darker shades, apply them sparingly and blend well to avoid harsh lines.

Apply eyeliner to the upper waterline (tightlining). This technique makes the lashes look fuller and the eyes more defined without taking up lid space.

Apply Concealer:
Use concealer to cover dark circles under your eyes. Brightening this area can make your eyes stand out more.

By following these detailed tips and incorporating them into your makeup routine, you can enhance your small eyes and make them look bigger and more captivating. Experiment with these techniques to find the ones that work best for you and enjoy the transformation!

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