How to make your relationship work?

If you're looking to make your relationship work, then try out these simple steps:

Be Romantic

Yes, it's important! you need to be romantic, it is very important and essential to be romantic at least sometimes. Some ways to be romantic is taking her out for a quite romantic candle-light dinner, late night movies, giving her compliments, having a nice shower and watching the stars together.

Show Love

It is very important in every relationship to show and express your love.  Hold hands, kiss, hug, snuggle, holding each other tight and looking into your partners eyes when you talk are ways to show love. Connect with your partner, it's very important to show your love and care.

Settle fights and disputes peacefully

To make a relationship work it's necessary to apologize, forgive and make up rather than say things like threatening to break the relationship or using abusive and rude words. Try and talk out things in a calm way, and do not go the screaming and shouting way because it just makes things worse.

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