Youtube Will Safe for Kids, Follow these Steps

Jun 18 2019 04:27 PM
Youtube Will Safe for Kids, Follow these Steps

One of the best platforms is to view YouTube video content. Being extremely popular, children and teens also visit the platform to watch YouTube videos. In this case, many videos appear in front of them that they shouldn't watch. It's clear that videos on YouTube are not good for people of all ages, especially when it comes to children or teenagers. Although YouTube has a Kids version, there are times when there are cases of non-viewing videos of children.The YouTube Kids app has many good and work features that allow parents to decide what their children will see or which video apps to watch. Should not appear in. Similarly, parents also discover what kind of videos their children are watching or liking. There are many videos that show violence and can have an adverse effect on children. Similarly, you should change some settings to ensure that objectionable videos don't appear on the app.

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Setting a passcode is the most important step that lets you change settings. If you haven't set the passcode, children can also make changes to their own settings. Now you'll need to go to Settings and make some changes. The settings in the app may vary and it is better to reinstall the app in order to clear all app data except for the cache. If this app is already installed, delete it and then reinstall.

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Open the app after you've installed it. Now tap the 'Get Started' button. Enter your (parents's) birth year here. Now tap the arrow icon on the right side of the page. Sign in with Google Account here. After entering the age and month of birth, tap next.Tap the 'Search off' button at the bottom. This will not enable children to search for videos in the app. Once this is over, tap on the 'lock' icon at the bottom of the right and easily write the answer to the Maths question and tap on the 'Settings' option. Select the profile here and turn on the 'only Approved content' toggle.


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