Know how to message someone who blocked you on WhatsApp

Jul 06 2020 03:37 PM
Know how to message someone who blocked you on WhatsApp

In today's time, everyone uses social media all the time. Sometimes one gets to learn higher good from social media, sometimes some people harass others by putting wrong and dirty things on social media. In today's time, if most social media is used, then that is WhatsApp. You can talk to anyone on WhatsApp by messaging, but there are many features on WhatsApp that have hidden the spoken things.

If you have been blocked on WhatsApp by your friend or a family member, then you do not need to get upset. Today we will tell you here a special way, through which you will be able to message the consumer who has blocked you. You may have to take help of common friend or family member of yours and the one who blocked you to send the message to the consumer. Only then you can send a message to that user and keep your point. After doing so, your friend or family member (common user) will create a WhatsApp group.

This group includes people ie you, your common friend or family member, and the one who blocked you. Your friend will only add the consumer who blocked you. Although it sounds a bit funny to listen to, but your friend who forms a group will leave the group. After this, now you and your friend or family member in this group will be saved, who blocked you. You can convince the friend or family member by sending a message in the group.

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