Visit One Of the Famous Kamakhya Temple, Know Everything Here

Kamakhya Temple is a rare Shaktipeetha in India, and it is a highly powerful place of Shakti worship. Several men and women seeking freedom from the bonds of birth and death have sought the Divine Mother's favour at this historic shrine in the past. It is situated on Nilachal Hill, also known as Kamagiri Hill, in the Guwahati metropolis in Assam's Kamrup district.

This temple is noteworthy because it was here that the genital of Goddess Sati, Lord Shiva's consort, fell after her body was split into more than fifty pieces by Lord Vishnu's discus to appease her heartbroken spouse. Later, Lord Shiva built a Shakti temple on this site. There is also a temple of Lord Bhairav, a manifestation of Shiva, close to the shrine of Kamakhya.

Every year the number of pilgrims visiting Kamakhya Temple continues to increase by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it means that reaching Kamakhya Temple is a trouble-free endeavour.

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