Here's how to delete saved password from Google Chrome browser

Sep 15 2020 10:29 AM
Here's how to delete saved password from Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is a great web browser and sometimes you consider saved passwords to be good for login IDs and passwords. In such a situation, we are all aware that this feature is used under the autofill section. Actually, while logging in any account, Chrome asks you if you want to store it as a saved password. In such a situation, if you have chosen this option, then your account password will be saved.

Now you can see the saved password or you can delete it if you want. By the way, we will tell you what to do for it. Yes, for this, click on the three dot (hamburger) icon in the right corner of Google Chrome. Now here you will see many options from which to choose the settings. Now you will see that a new page will open, click on the Auto Fill option in the left side here. Now after clicking on Auto Fill, the option of Password will appear at the top, you have to expand it. Now scroll down here and go down a bit, you will see a list of saved passwords.

Here you will see a search option from which you can search the names of the websites where you have saved the password. Now click on an EYE icon to see the password. To see the password, you have to enter the password of your computer and after that you will be able to see the password. By the way, here you will also see the option to Remove.

How to do it in a smartphone - For this, access Google Chrome in the smartphone and tap on the three dots (hamburger) icon. From here, go to Settings and select Password. Now you will see the list of saved passwords here. By the way, if you want, you can also search. Now to see the password, use the mobile password, fingerprint or face unlock and from here you can delete the password.

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