How to satisfy a woman: 9 simple things that everyone dreams about in bed

May 25 2019 03:04 PM
How to satisfy a woman: 9 simple things that everyone dreams about in bed

Of course, all women have different sex habits, but there are a few points that almost everyone will approve.

1. Care and equal effort

A woman is not your hand or masturbator. You can not use her body to meet their needs, and then roll over on the other side, assuming that she also had a great time.

To be a good lover means to fully invest in the process.

2. Orgasm

Item directly related to the previous one. Sex should not be limited to male orgasm. If you are not capable of anything after, take care of her pleasure to your finish. In the end, if you know for sure that you will get yours, don't you really want your partner to be good too?

3. Contraception

We must understand that, unless otherwise specified, sex involves the use of a condom. Do not look surprised when it comes to him, and do not try to get rid of him in the process. At such moments, the session of love simply ends.

4. Communication

Sometimes silent sex works. But most often it is the words, not their absence, that give the woman pleasure. This, in particular, concerns situations when a partner asks what she wants.

5. Clean bed

In fact, it is very difficult to relax and have fun, when you are surrounded by shreds of wool, dirt and the smell of laundry.

6. Prelude

Sex is not a sprint. Well, the truth is, you can spend time studying each other and mutual pleasure.

In addition, if the orgasm was the only meaning of sex, then people would have long been engaged in it only with special toys.

7. Lack of socks

Please take off your socks before getting into bed. After all, the kind of naked man in socks just distracts from the process. And besides, it gives rise to a lot of questions in the female head. Should I not take off my socks? Doesn't he like legs? Oh, my legs are probably terrible?

Anxiety is not the best companion for sex, so just leave your socks overboard.

8. Realistic expectations

How many times has the world been told that sex in life and sex in porn are two different realities. But still, there are guys who try to repeat what they see on the screen with an ordinary girl (for example, to have spontaneous anal sex). Don't do that.

9. Enthusiastic cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is undeservedly considered one of the most difficult sexual activities. Apparently, this stereotype follows from another - about the “complexity” and “mystery” of the female genitalia. The tips presented below disprove this absurd opinion.

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